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Empower Self-Directed Learning

Our research-informed and data-driven solutions equip you to personalize student learning in a safe and connected community.

Our research-informed and data-driven solutions equip you to personalize student learning in a safe and connected community. Our research-informed and data-driven solutions equip you to personalize student learning in a safe and connected community.
Our Vision

Our Vision

Empowering ALL students to flourish as self-directed learners. We want to see all learners reach their potential through personalized, one-to-one learning and strong relationships with educators.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Leveraging robust research to develop cutting-edge, technology-rich, learning solutions that release students’ inner purpose and strengths, positioning them for success.

Our Learners

Our Learners

MARIO Learners are self-aware and reflective; respectful and compassionate. They embrace diversity and challenge inequity. They understand the ways they learn best.

A Global Presence

Before MARIO, I relied a lot more on counsellors and other school departments to support students with behaviour and SEL/EF skills. Now, I feel so much more empowered to address the needs of the whole child that go beyond academics. My students open up more, they are more engaged in their learning, and they seem to have an increased confidence about them.

“I could go on and on about the changes I’ve seen in my students…empowerment, confidence, pride, ownership, willingness to open up and share, desire to grow and improve when they are given choice & voice.”

“I’ve developed a closer connection to my students that provides a safety net for them to take risks and feel safer in the learning environment. My students feel more involved in their own learning and take pride in setting learning goals for themselves. The best thing about MARIO is the data collection, which provides genuine feedback on what is working in the classroom and what needs to be changed.”

MARIO Framework at Your School

Increase collective teacher-efficacy in your school as MARIO Educators implement and share their professional learning initatives.


What does it mean to have a MARIO Educator on your faculty?

Your educator’s practices are deeply rooted in research and align with RTI/MTSS models.

Your educator can reach students in any context through a personalized, whole-child approach to education.

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Solutions for School Leaders

  • General educators find it challenging to help students with disabilities reach their potential in the classroom.

  • Pullout support classes are not always rigorous and, regardless of intentions, end up serving as a study hall as opposed to an effective Tier-3 intervention.

  • Special educators are often stretched too thin with large student caseloads and need a more effective system to maximize available contact time with students.

  • Special educators often lack meaningful and relevant professional growth opportunities.


What does it mean to be a MARIO Educator?

Your educator’s practices are deeply rooted in research and align with RTI/MTSS models. Your educator can reach students in any context through a personalized, whole-child approach to education.

You are a valued part of a supportive community of other like-minded educators.

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Solutions for Educators

  • I find it difficult to record meaningful data efficiently and effectively.

  • Maintaining open communication with homeroom or content teachers regarding student accommodations, modifications, progress and goals can be a challenge.

  • Encouraging students to achieve their goals and remain motivated in their classes is extremely important, but it sometimes feels that I am not doing enough.

  • How can I best measure student progress that reflects both IEP- related and personal goals?


What does it mean to have a MARIO Educator teach your child?

Your child has long-term academic improvements through personalized learning based on their strengths.

You are a key player in your childs education and help shape their personalized learning experiences.

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Solutions for Parents

  • I am concerned that my child’s academic progress and skill development will regress as they move from teacher to teacher in different grade levels and classes.

  • I worry that I won’t have a full understanding of what my child is working on in school.

  • What if the teacher doesn’t understand the unique needs of my child?

  • How can I support my child’s growth at home?

The Story of the MARIO Movement


While working as a special education teacher at International School Bangkok, co-founder Philip Bowman saw the need for a new paradigm in special education. Working long hours outside of the classroom, he created an innovative approach based on interdisciplinary research and the application of design thinking in the classroom.


Philip hypothesized that the ideal way to maximize student learning is through one-to-one conversations with students about their learning. These are conversations where students drive the learning and focus on what matters most to them. The pilot program led to remarkable advances in student outcomes.


The success of the one-to-one program inspired Philip’s wife, Najwa, to share the framework with other educators. After Philip’s attendance at the 2019 Special Education Network and Inclusion Association (SENIA) conference, it became clear how great the need was for a scaffolded, one-to-one approach to personalizing learning.


The MARIO Movement is rapidly being utilized around the world, currently reaching public, private, and international schools in twenty-four different countries. As it grows, the MARIO Framework is constantly evolving to take into account best practices in education as well as new insights from science.


Our Team


Graeme Scott

Executive Chairperson

Graeme Scott

Executive Chairperson
Graeme has a passion for humanizing education and pursuing unique projects rooted in research. With 30 years of experience in educational leadership, his most recent role was as Founding Director of the Middle East’s first solar-powered, fully sustainable IB school.

Najwa Bowman


Najwa Bowman

Najwa became a special educator after meeting her husband Philip Bowman and gaining the opportunity to work with inspiring neurodivergent learners herself. The incredible impact of Philip’s unique approach to education compelled her to help create The MARIO Framework.

Philip Bowman

Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer

Philip Bowman

Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer
The MARIO Framework was born in Philip’s learning support classroom. His desire to see all students flourish as self-directed learners fueled him to share his approach with other educators. Philip continues to empower students around the world.

Christopher Bell

Chief Technology Officer

Christopher Bell

Chief Technology Officer
Over 21 years in education, Chris has been a website business owner, art and design business owner, and tech consultant. He started his education career supporting students in the classroom and believes the MARIO Framework can help all students reach their potential.

Shekufeh Monadjem

Operations Coordinator

Shekufeh Monadjem

Operations Coordinator
Shekufeh, an international person rooted in Africa, has changed careers to focus on special education. As a life-long learner, she is using the MARIO Framework to deepen her connection with each student who comes her way and empower them to take charge of their own learning.

Erin Madonna

Chief Learning Officer

Erin Madonna

Chief Learning Officer
Erin is fueled by a determination to embody deep listening and to create spaces where all belong. She has served learning communities in the USA and Asia. As Chief Learning Officer, Erin marries her passion for research with a drive to continually grow through collaboration.

Ayla Reau

Chief Compliance Officer

Ayla Reau

Chief Compliance Officer
Ayla is dedicated to providing students with the practices and scaffolds to build their independence and agency. As a full-time special education teacher, she sees the potential of the MARIO Framework for her students and for all learners across any educational context.

Jessica Hess

School Success Coordinator

Jessica Hess

School Success Coordinator
Jess cares deeply about learners and is determined to see the potential of The MARIO Framework realized. She has worked closely with children and teens in the US foster care system and currently works one-to-one with students in applied behavior analysis therapy.

Emmy Thamakaison

Product Manager

Emmy Thamakaison

Product Manager
Emmy is neurodivergent herself and advocated for a more inclusive world as a high school student under Philip Bowman’s mentorship. She is an undergrad student studying Symbolic Systems—a combination of Computer Science and the Humanities—at Stanford University.

Jackie Greenwood

Safeguarding Specialist

Jackie Greenwood

Safeguarding Specialist
Jackie, as a school counselor of 17 years, is passionate about child wellbeing. She also serves on the ISC Taskforce Counselor Education Team and is a child protection specialist and trainer. Currently, she is Head of Counseling and Wellbeing at Fairgreen International School in Dubai.

Taryn McBrayne

Professional Learning Coordinator

Taryn McBrayne

Professional Learning Coordinator
Taryn’s MARIO journey began while co-teaching in Philip Bowman’s classroom. Now, she uses the power of student voice to create meaningful learning experiences for all. As Professional Learning Coordinator, Taryn helps educators around the globe begin their own MARIO journeys.

Our Partners

The following organizations support our mission to empower and connect exceptional learners, educators, family members, and school administrators.

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MARIO Educational Advisory Council

Led by Philip Bowman, we are a team of fifteen special educators that are always reviewing the best research and evolving our framework as a result. Researchers and thought leaders guide our work, but we take pride in being teachers and administrators that are on the ground at the intersection of theory and practice.


Frankie Garbutt

Neuhof Schulen Munich


Gina Lloyd

Fairgreen International School


Jay Lingo

Hong Kong Academy


Joanna Brown

International School Azerbaijan


Khullood Rahman

On Sabbatical


Lise Gauvreau

AFNORTH International School


Matt Barker

International School Bangkok


Michael Ho

International School Bangkok


Mick Stevenson

International School Bangkok


Nika Espinosa

American International School of Johannesburg


Rachel Bodily

International School of Amsterdam


Rebecca Lebel

International School Bangkok

Special Advisors


Gautam Patel

Strategic Leadership

Managing Director of Tarsadia Investments


Katie Novak, Ed.D

Education and Learning

Founder and CEO of Novak Education


Philip Bradley

Education & Learning

Educational Leader for 35+ Years


Mary Cunney


Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Nanotronics


Akshay Patel

Software Development

Staff Software Engineer at Meta


Sunil Patel


Legal Counsel at Meta


Chris Smith

Software Visualisation

Data Specialist at Singapore American School

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Sustainability Statement

All of us at The MARIO Framework recognize our responsibility as ethical guardians of our planet. We are committed to minimizing the impact our organization has on the environment and supporting those who are working to improve global sustainability in all its forms (environmental, social, and economic).